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The Copyleaks code plagiarism checker is an AI-based anti-plagiarism checker. Over the years we have been successfully working with publishers, bloggers, and universities worldwide to detect plagiarized text using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. Following on from this success of this we are now utilizing our technology to prevent plagiarism and misuse of source code with our very own programming plagiarism checker.

Codeleaks code plagiarism checker by Copyleaks helps users find accidental and intentional instances of plagiarism of code.

Detect code plagiarism, copyright infringement, and stolen code using the Codeleaks python plagiarism checker online with Copyleaks. Our artificial intelligence platform checks for instances of copied source code, so you don’t have to.

You can now compare two documents for code similarity by using the web-based plagiarism checker PHP source code called Codeleaks. It is functional in different formats and can be used to compare two documents. In addition, you can detect source code plagiarism, copyright infringement, and stolen code using the Codeleaks code plagiarism checker and Similarity checker by Copyleaks.

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Source Code Plagiarism Checker

Programming is the language of the future. Hence, it draws more and more students every year. As more and more students are learning to code, an increasing number are finding themselves with accusations of plagiarism.

While we have centuries of discussion surrounding plagiarism about the written works and textile files, programming is a relatively new field. It has a leader record as a medium of communication and it doesn’t have thecitation standards or guidelines that we do with research papers.

Source code plagiarism is copying or reproducing the same source code without properly acknowledging the original or the genuine source code creator. That includes adapting minimal, moderate reproduction of other’s work or including fragments of the original code in your own code. This can be spotted through a python plagiarism checker online and can aid in ensuring you are not plagiarised.

This can have a severe impact on your career both if you are a student or a professional. While smaller implications include having a paper canceled or a program rejected, it may also lead to more serious problems like copyright infringement issues or a lawsuit. These can affect your career and even your reputation.

Hence, as programming is the modern language, it is always better to be sure that you write proper codes. While this can be detected manually much like textual plagiarism, the best solution to the problem is using automatic Plagiarism Detection tools. Comprehensive and fast, Codeleaks goes deep in the web to find if copyrighted code is being used elsewhere.

Codeleaks helps you find instances of deliberate and accidental plagiarism in any coding language and supports more than 20 computer languages. Its unique code comparison plagiarism detection makes it unique. In addition, the Codeleaks programming plagiarism checker online helps check for code plagiarism.

Supported Programming Languages

Codeleaks supports 20+ programming languages, including C#, Java, Python, HTML, XML, GO, C, C++, Javascript, Swift, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Scala, and many more!

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Code Plagiarism Checker​

How Does A Code Similarity Checker work?

Using a sophisticated code plagiarism tool, Codeleaks can check the similarity between two codes by comparing the original file with other available files by submitting them for automated examination and reviewing the results. Its highly advanced similarity check software helps the software to catch plagiarism.

This code plagiarism checker is easy to use and very precise. Codeleaks web-based plagiarism checker PHP source code can check different programming languages and see if there are traces of plagiarism. Commonly, code available online is more likely to be infringed upon and used by people without proper usage rights. Simply input the code into the python plagiarism checker online and see if it has been used elsewhere.

Importance of Source Code Plagiarism

Source code plagiarism, apparently, is not a very difficult task. However, when it comes to catching the thief, things are not at all easy. People who plagiarize the source code often make a bit of a lexical or structural modification, in such a way that the source code looks almost original or genuine.

Hence, it is essential to have a highly sophisticated source code plagiarism checker such as a web-based plagiarism checker PHP source code. Without the help of a proper tool, it becomes almost impossible to catch the thief. Presently the source code detection system that’s there in the market is not very effective. They rarely detect structural modification in plagiarized source code, thus confusing it as original source code.

A proper source code detection tool ensures that the original creator of the source code gets rightly rewarded.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Technology

Our artificial intelligence-based platform can find similar patterns of code online and in databases. It compares source code in various locations to the code in question and can compare different coding languages.

Download and Share Reports

Download reports sharing with other team members, students, and more. Reports and results can easily be shared through a URL and directly emailed to others.

Check Programming Languages

Copyleaks can check code languages like JAVA, Python, C++, Ruby, C, C#, Visual Basic, Javascript, Scala, Go and more. Be sure that all forms of code you are using and are available online are protected.

Source Code Plagiarism Check for Businesses

Check that your code isn’t being used elsewhere. Your engineers have worked hard to develop original, open-source code. Be sure that it’s being used correctly and there are no cases of code copyright infringement.

Code Plagiarism Check for Education

Computer science classes require the creation of new and original code examples at all levels and degrees. Check that students haven’t copied text examples from online with the Codeleaks plagiarism check.

Clear and Comprehensive Reporting

An accurate similarity report is generated for every code scan submitted.

Advantage of using Codeleaks Plagiarism Checkers

Compared to other code plagiarism checkers, our code compare tool is designed to accommodate multiple language file types. It can operate under different languages and can function as a copy-paste checker for code.

This code similarity checker can be used as a c++ code checker, java code checker, python code plagiarism checker, among other commonly used programming languages.

Comprehensive and fast, Codeleaks goes deep into the web to find if copyrighted code is being used elsewhere.

It created an impeccable service across a wide-ranging field to provide a dynamic plagiarism direction model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you have coded a unique part of your website or are looking to create something new, this checker will ensure that all your work is 100% authentic.
The Codeleaks web-based plagiarism checker PHP source code works with over 20 computer languages to detect both accidental and purposeful plagiarism.
When using a python plagiarism checker online tool, you can submit your original file to us for checking. We will compare your original with python files and other code files across the internet. In addition, the code checker will use AI and Machine learning to ensure your code is all 100% original.

We are happy to answer any questions about source code infringement and what steps you should take.