Styles of Writing: Get Started With the Basics

Different Writing Styles Can Be Used to Fit the Mood of Articles

Each article that a writer writes and publishes has a different purpose. Therefore, having a complete idea about the styles of writing is very important.

Whenever writers produce original content, their main intention is to reach the readers. Since writing is a communication tool, knowing the styles of writing helps develop better writing skills.

Styles of Writing

There are mainly four styles of writing, based on the tone of writing: expository, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive. A text doesn’t need to have a particular style of writing, and a text can be a combination of different writing styles. Here is an explanation of the four different styles of writing:

  • The writing style that is most common is expository writing. It is a suitable one for textbooks, business, technical writing, recipes, and news stories. In this writing style, the writers mainly concentrate on stating the facts and do not express their views. It is more like sharing information, objectively without burdening the reader with the author’s opinion. This style may include facts based on statistics and other pieces of evidence.
  • The writers prefer to use narrative writing style mostly for long pieces of text. Though a narrative can be fictional or non-fictional, the feature of this writing style is its distinct approach. The writers do not only try to depict a fact, but they also try to communicate something with their readers.

A narrative can have a setting, plot, action, climax, which an expository writing style lacks. Mostly, for stories, novels, and oral histories, the writers follow this pattern of writing.

  • Mostly the fictions, non-fictions (like a memoir), and travelogs can utilize a descriptive writing style of writing. The writers describe what they see, hear, or sense. It may involve the author’s idea, but they do not intend to influence people with their thoughts. They draw pictures with words so that the readers can get a complete idea. This style may include several literary devices or ornamentation.
  • The persuasive writing style is one of the standard writing styles for academic papers, advertisements, and recommendation letters. The writers use their words to influence the readers with their views or try to convince them about their beliefs. Their writings may have an argumentative style as the writers manage the flow of content with reasons and justifications, which makes the readers convincing.
  • Some other writing styles include argumentative writing, compare and contrast writing, cause and effect writing, research writing, analytical writing, etc.

Things to Know About Writing an Article:

  1. When the writers are trying to communicate their thoughts, it is essential to avoid all sorts of duplicate content. If the writers want to use the parts of another work of their own or another author, they must use quotation marks. The writers also need to mention the work in the citation.
  1. The writers must stay away from using copied content in their work. If they use parts of another work and paraphrase it, the writers still need to cite the source. If the writers publish their works with copied content, they may lose their credibility. This will have to be ensured for content across all platforms, including webpages and blogs. If two pages have similar content, then the Google search console or search engine may decide to remove one of the pages. As a duplicate content penalty, the page with copied content may have a lower online ranking and may not appear in search results.
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Therefore, the writers should not plagiarize, and to avoid plagiarism, they may choose to use free online plagiarism checker tools.

  1. If the writers are writing for blog posts or promotional content, they need to choose the style that fits their purpose. Though there are different styles of writing, the writers can combine them as per their requirements.

The blog writers also should be careful about copied content. If blog posts have duplicate content, then it may lose its readership.

  1. If the content on a site is similar to another one, chances may be that it is a duplicate page. If two separate pages have similar content with different URLs, they will be considered duplicate pages. As a duplicate content penalty, the Google search console may penalize it by giving it a lower SEO rank.
  1. If writers publish their work on a website that has already been published elsewhere, they are using scraped contents which can affect the website’s ranking. There can be URL parameters that are generating copied contents.

Websites follow a proper strategy for internal links to avoid any unwanted issues like duplicate content. The writers can scan their website with a checker tool to find duplicate content.

It will help their website rank higher in Search Engine Optimization, and hence they may get better traffic to their website. It leads him/her to reach a massive number of readers.

How To Improve the Style of Writing

Rather than an impressive ornamental language, simple, lucid language and strong expression attract the readers more. Therefore, writers should concentrate on developing their writing style based on the theme, mood, and type of articles they are writing. Here are a few ways the writers can improve their writing style:

  1. The writer needs to make the idea clear and the representation of it concise. It’s easy for the reader to grasp easy and compact writing than a complex and ornamental one.
  2. The writers should not write long and complex sentences. Long sentences may destroy the clarity of the writing. Short sentences with varied expressions make the writing style better.
  3. Cutting down excessive qualifiers strengthens writing.
  4. For an enjoyable and intense writing style, the writers should prefer an active voice.
  5. Finally, to stay away from plagiarism, the writers must use a plagiarism detection tool that will identify the plagiarised parts of the writing.
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