Content Marketing Trends For 2021

Traditional marketing isn’t dead, but many business owners are beginning to understand the importance of content marketing. This marketing approach focuses on content creation, where content is produced to both attract customers who are looking for specific products and services, and to build trust for their brand.

content marketing, Traditional marketing

Content marketing takes many different forms. It can include:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Infographics
  • Email
  • Video
  • Podcasts

For any business owner looking to connect with customers, content marketing is essential, as they can convey a tailored message to the people who are likely to buy from them. It’s a cost-effective method of marketing and offers business owners a considerable return on their investment. It’s easy to understand why when considering marketing statistics, as according to one study, 70% of consumers say content marketing makes them feel closer to the businesses that are marketing to them.

For business owners, content marketing ties into their SEO. The better their content is optimized for search engines, the more likely it is to be seen. It is important to ensure that any content posted on  a blog is original and not plagiarised. It is possible to use software such as Copyleaks duplicate file finder to ensure that you have not copied someone else’s work.

Going into 2021, a number of content marketing trends are emerging. It is important to make note of these, as they will see a greater return on investment if their strategies are tailored.

Content marketing trends for 2021 include the following.

Engaging, Interactive And Fun Content

People are very picky when it comes to what they read or watch online. If something doesn’t grab their attention, they are more likely to click off the page, which makes bounce rates higher. As there is an abundance of content online, people then have the choice of watching or reading something else.

To reduce bounce rates and to draw in viewers before they disappear elsewhere, businesses need to do all they can to make their content more interactive and fun. It is especially crucial when you deal with video content. So, while promoting your YouTube channel, for example, it’s recommended to start with a YouTube content plan.

Interactive content, such as quizzes, often do well, as people are more likely to stay with the quiz until the end. 96% of users that start a Buzzfeed quiz will complete it, for example. Other types of interactive content include:

  • Polls, such as those that ask readers where they stand on particular matters
  • Contests and sweepstakes, with prizes that are brand-related
  • Multiple-choice questionnaires that can help consumers with their buying decision

Interactive experiences often go viral, with users posting links or reposting content on their social media pages. This can increase website traffic for the business owner and help them rank more organically on search engines.

Content Templates

Before committing to anything, people like to see how something can be used. Traditionally, this has been achieved through demo videos, such as those that illustrate how particular products or pieces of software work. While these are helpful for explaining topics in-depth, many business owners are now beginning to understand the usefulness of content and form templates.

Content templates are given to the people who will be creating the content. They provide an outline for the information that the business owner wants to be included in a blog post, article, web page, or similar.

A variety of templates can be created with the same informational purposes in mind: To show consumers how a particular product or service can be used in certain situations.

Repurposing Content On Different Platforms

Many businesses have struggled due to COVID-19, and are having to learn to operate with reduced resources. With the need to be a little more thrifty than usual, they are making the most of the content they already have instead of focusing on new content. So, rather than creating separate content for each platform they use, 2021 will see them repurposing their content instead. This means the same content will be edited and used across multiple channels, such as using short clips from a YouTube video to post on Instagram and turning existing blog posts into eBook and newsletter content.

The effect of the recent pandemic doesn’t have to be the sole factor for repurposing content, of course. It makes sense to share high-quality and engaging content with as many people as possible, as the more it is seen, the better chances of a higher conversion rate.

Repurposing content to appeal to different audiences is something that business owners should always consider, as they will be able to make use of each bit of content they create. This trend will help them to form a cohesive marketing strategy in 2021 and beyond.

Content Communities

Fewer resources and more online communication (such as Slack groups) have led to an increase in content communities. These offer two main advantages for the marketer. For one, they have a platform on which to share their content, and so there will be a greater opportunity for word of mouth marketing as their content is passed on. And two, they can meet like minded individuals who might be happy to either write for them or point them in the direction of industry experts who can.

When part of a content community, marketers can collaborate with community members too. They can find out what members want to hear about, collect opinions and feedback, and then create content based on their findings. Popular content communities include Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Communities designed for sharing content will be on the rise in 2021, as they give marketers the opportunity to expand their reach with fewer resources. They will be better able to engage their target audience and stay on top of any industry trends that could influence their marketing tactics.

Although content communities are an excellent resource for many businesses, it is also important to be careful and protect any intellectual property that is posted. There are a variety of ways in which this can be done, one of which is by using Copyshield; this software cautions people who are attempting to plagiarise content published on a website, and also alerts the website owners. 


Business owners are making a concerted push with their marketing in 2021, as they are trying to keep their businesses going after the difficulties encountered in 2020. By following the latest content marketing trends, they will be in a better position to create better content and achieve their marketing goals for the year. We have discussed some of the popular content marketing trends here but commit to further research if you are looking to improve audience reach in your business.

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