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Our plagiarism software for universities works to uphold academic integrity through simple design and unsurpassed efficiency. 
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Why Copyleaks?

  • Our in-depth technology searches archives not yet freely accessible in the virtual field. 
  • All our reports are complete, fully accessible, and shareable. 
  • You get complete information on the site/journal from where data has been taken without providing an adequate citation.
  • Plus, full API integration.

API Integration

Integrate your system with Copyleaks Open-Source API seamlessly with our ready-to-use code in different languages. Routine scans give you up-to-date and comprehensive results of who may be using your content.

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Over 100+ Languages

Our technology can scan files and URLs for plagiarism in all Unicode languages. This includes Asian character languages. This is an excellent option for foreign language teachers looking to grade assignments in multiple languages.


Comprehensive Results​

Copyleaks algorithms conduct a deep search of the internet and multiple databases for plagiarized content. All results can be easily viewed and compared to the original work.


Accessible from all devices​

The mobile app is completely synced with your site account, ensuring you can always scan new content. Quickly check scan results from any device, upload files stored on your device to be reviewed for plagiarism, and get complete results of who may be using your content.


Scan Physical Content​

Our OCR technology can scan physical content for plagiarism. Take a photo of any written content and immediately receive a report about similar content on the web. This is the perfect plagiarism checker for professors that receive hard copies of assignments.


Multiple File Formats

Submit all kinds of file formats to scan for plagiarism. File types include pdf, doc, HTML, txt, and more. 

Security & Data Safety

Your data’s security and safety are our top priority. Military-grade 256-bit encryption and SSL connection ensure your document content and account are always safe and secure. To add an additional layer of security, Copyleaks is an entirely self-service platform, which means only you have control over your account and those you share it with. 

Data safety is something we take very seriously. You are the only one who can see the content you submit, which is never exposed to third parties or other users. In addition, the content submitted by you further prohibits others from plagiarizing your work.

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