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Use this assignment checker to review your work so that accidental plagiarism doesn’t creep up on you before your teacher does!

Handing in your assignment is stress-free with Copyleaks AI that helps you find any plagiarism, generates a comprehensive similarity report and allows you to make any quick fixes so you can ace your assignment.

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Why Choose Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker for Students and
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We know school can be challenging—we help make it easier! Use our assignment checker to ensure your submissions are original to you.

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Accidental Plagiarism

Make accidental plagiarism a thing of the past. Sometimes you forget to include a set of quotations or a crucial reference. Copyleaks
highlights where similar text
passages are in your text. See a full report of similar sources to your assignment to double check any accidental plagiarism.


SmartTextTM Paraphrased Text Detection

While other plagiarism checkers will show you only identical text matches, Copyleaks detects all levels of plagiarism including paraphrased text. Find similar and paraphrased text passages that you otherwise would have missed.
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Keep Your Grades Safe

After working so hard on a written assignment, the last thing you want is to be accused of plagiarizing. Preserving your work and hard-earned grade is easy when you check your assignment with Copyleaks and check for any accidental plagiarism.

Student Plagiarism: Here's a Sneak Peek into Some of the Data You'll Be Able to See.

Prevent student plagiarism. Start Copyleaks. Discover how Copyleaks SmartTextTM technology can help you in your academic journey. User-friendly and accurate results. Get a complete, comprehensive report of similar text sources for anaccurate side-by-side comparison in our SVisualAITM report

See Why the Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker for Students and Teachers Will Help You Ace Your Assignment.

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AI & Machine Learning for an Effective Assignment Copy Checker

Our AI technology looks for potential issues with identical, similar, and even paraphrased phrases, ensuring that your papers are always 100% plagiarism-free. This makes it an excellent assignment copy checker.
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OCR Technology

Copyleaks uses built-in advanced OCR features to scan physical papers assignments. Snap a photo of your handwritten assignment and get your results in no time!
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Full Comprehensive Report

Receive a complete list of similar sources from billions of pages on the internet, open databases, and more. See a side-by-side comparison of results and easily share them with your teacher.
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100+ Human & 20+ Programming Languages

Do you need an assignment checker that works with foreign languages or terminology seen in computer science classes? Our technology can check text in 100+ human languages (including Asian Character languages) and 20+ Programming Languages.
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Compatible File Formats and Languages

We support all major file formats, including doc, docx, pdf and many more. Our technology scans the text in each file and checks if any identical or similar content has been found.
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CodeleaksTM Code Plagiarism Detection

Codeleaks is the only available solution that detects plagiarism in both machine & human languages! Codeleaks detects student plagiarism in Source Code written in 20+ Programming Languages.

Detect Plagiarism In Seconds with Copyleaks

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Plagiarism Checker for Students

Most educational institutes take plagiarism seriously. On some occasions, students cannot cope with the monumental amount of projects, essays, and tests they’ve been assigned. Hence, often, projects remain untouched until the last moment, and students are rushed to complete them. If you are at the eleventh hour and worried about editing your paper to avoid unintentional plagiarism, you can use Copyleaks plagiarism checker for students and teachers.

If you are looking to earn a good score, you must try to avoid plagiarism. Most educational institutions act under strict policies when responding to plagiarism committed by students. They may give the student a failing grade. To avoid any unintentional plagiarism, you should use a plagiarism checker for students and teachers. Since our plagiarism checker is designed for students, in-depth and comprehensive plagiarism results are assured.

Tips to Prevent Student Plagiarism

Signs of plagiarism or incorrectly
cited sources in a student paper:

  • Incoherence in writing style can be seen in the paper. Sudden changes in writing patterns can be a sign.
  • If the document does not relate to the given topic.
  • If the student has used many articles as references or sources, which were not recommended in class.

Signs that the paper has mosaic plagiarism or
copied content from different sources:

  • Drifts and shifts in subject matters can be seen.
  • Two separate paragraphs with two different writing styles
    can be seen.
  • Different citation methods can be seen.
  • An incoherent and improper argument may be seen in the paper.
  • Use of page number citation at the end of the whole document.

Indicators that the language is
being changed without attribution:

  • Writing style variation from word to word or in different paragraphs.
  • Variation of font style and size between paragraphs.
  • Multiple sources are mentioned without any quotation.
  • No quotes but extended cited sources.

Why Use Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker for Students and Teachers?

Copyleaks plagiarism checker for students and teachers can be used by students and teachers in middle school, high school, university, and graduate school. While writing a paper, students need to check for plagiarism. You can check your paper before submitting it to your teacher. Our advanced technology compares your document against billions of online sources, databases, and journals to find duplicate content. The plagiarism detector will check your paper and generate a detailed report on it for you to view.

How Can I Check My Paper for Student Plagiarism?

It is effortless to check a paper for plagiarism using a plagiarism detector. All you need to do is upload your text to the plagiarism detector. You can upload it from any device. The plagiarism checker will do the rest. If you are not using your computer to do the assignment, you can also take photos of the physical copy. Our built-in OCR technology will detect duplicate content from the images you uploaded. Our student plagiarism checker will compare the document with online sources and produce a detailed report on it.

How Does Plagiarism Detection For Students Work?

Student plagiarism detectors help students get a detailed report about the project they have uploaded and scanned for plagiarism. You can check your paper using the free plagiarism checker for students before you commit to Copyleaks.

What Are the Consequences of Plagiarism for Students?

Educational institutions take plagiarism very seriously as it harms the overall academic integrity of the school. Educators continuously warn their students about it. Institutions can take disciplinary action based on their policies if plagiarism is detected in any students’ submissions. The student can get a failing grade for that assignment or the session, leading to the student’s suspension. Many schools have misconduct committees that deal with issues like academic dishonesty. They will decide the penalty for the student. Some of the most common consequences of plagiarism are as follows:
  • Failed course and reputation: The student may earn an ‘F’ grade for the paper, resulting in suspension.
  • Devalued college degree and poor knowledge: The students will fail to gain the knowledge, experience, and certification they intended to receive. Hence, they may fail at achieving a college degree.
  • Damaged career: Since plagiarism is a severe issue, it becomes difficult for students to get into another college or university once they have committed plagiarism. Therefore, an allegation of plagiarism can damage the student’s whole career.
  • Suspension or dismissal from a college: Repeated charges of plagiarism can lead to detention or suspension of the student from the institution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to check copies of students online?
If you want to check plagiarism assignments, you need to scan the document using an online plagiarism checker for students. They will analyze it and produce a detailed report. You can use Copyleaks free plagiarism checker for students.
You can quickly check for plagiarism in a thesis by using an online plagiarism checker for students. All you need to do is upload the document and the tool to compare it to other available materials to check for plagiarism.
To check papers for plagiarism, you can use a free plagiarism checker for students. After you upload the document, it will find out the duplicate contents in it. You can use the best online plagiarism checker for students by Copyleaks for the best performance.
You can always check your work using the Copyleaks plagiarism checker to know if you included the correct references.
The consequences of plagiarism can range depending on the level of school and severity of plagiarism. One of the most common consequences of plagiarizing is failing the assignment or course, whereas being expelled from the school is possible in more significant cases.