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Currently, with the advent of technology, the traditional way of a publication is changing. Most companies produce their own journals, prospectus nowadays. Our Plagiarism checker for publishers offers you the most accurate way of checking your content and protecting the published work.

If a company chooses self-publishing, it is best to check the content before publishing to avoid plagiarism. Copyleaks allows you to scan through millions of pages available on the web and their database before publishing your work. Our Plagiarism checker for journals can instantly scan the internet for the copied content and instantly generate the result.

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Who can use it to detect plagiarism in published work?

The publishing industry has a lot of variety as it consists of traditional publishers, content creators, online content publishers, editors, literary agencies, writing services, manuscript editors, etc. They can use our book plagiarism checker. Our Scientific journal plagiarism checker can help who are willing to publish Scientific and medical journals and thoroughly scan for duplicate content.

Our Plagiarism checker for publishers can be used by the various publication houses, online publishers, and editors who need to ensure that the scripts and contents do not have any plagiarism. For the bloggers or online content creators who need to produce original content for a better SEO ranking, we can also use our Plagiarism checker for journals. Our article plagiarism checker deeply scans the content before publication to not have duplicate content.

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Copyleaks offers an API based software that can quickly and efficiently integrate with our system to scan contents available on the internet. This is the way the publishers can protect the author’s work and, at the same time, can earn good traffic to their website. The online publishers, manuscript editors, literary agencies can also use our book plagiarism checker to avoid major copyright lifting issues.

Compare your published work against varied data available on the web. If found similarity, report immediately. We provide you with the exact website URL, several words, percentage of similarity, along with highlighted passages. Our API is capable of protecting the original work by running frequent scans.

Features of Plagiarism Checker for Publishers

Multiple Languages​

Our article plagiarism checker has the advanced functionality to scan files and URLs in Unicode, for plagiarism. It can be utilized by professors who want to grade assignments in various languages.​

Accessible from All Devices​

Our article plagiarism checker can scan files of varying file formats. The file types include .pdf, .doc, HTML, .txt, and more. You can easily scan the documents to get a detailed report.​

Physical content support​

Our advanced OCR technology allows you to scan physical files. You can take a photo and upload it, and our plagiarism checker for publishers will examine the content and generate the report instantly. It is perfect for the teachers and professors who want to check physical copies of the papers or assignments.​

Different File Formats​

Our plagiarism scanner for publishers can scan quickly from any device. You can upload files from your device storage, and our plagiarism checker will scan it.​

Comprehensive Results​

Copyleaks advanced technology can effectively search the web for duplicate content. You can choose any content and get an accurate result. You can also schedule daily, weekly and monthly scans by using our API and can scan as much content as you wish. ​


Your system can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with Copyleaks open-Source API to efficiently work with our ready-to-use codes available in different languages. Our frequent scans can help to generate an accurate result for the content users.​

Use the Copyleaks plagiarism API and multiply the capabilities of the Copyleaks plagiarism checker.

100% Private. Flexible. Scalable. Reliable.

How can authors avoid self-plagiarism?

  • Avoid duplicate publication: The authors who are using some sort of data, reviews, conclusions and supporting statements must clarify the original source. To avoid duplicate publication, the author needs to use quotation marks for those parts and also cite the source appropriately.
  • Avoiding ‘salami-slicing’: If the author is paraphrasing parts of any other works, then he must cite the source. On occasions, it is seen that the writers are substituting parts of another work with their own and using the work under his/her name. In this case, he must disclose the original source.
  • Avoiding copyright infringement: To avoid copyright infringement regarding the work, the author must clearly know about copyright law. This way, the author can prevent any sort of allegation regarding plagiarism, self-plagiarism, accidental plagiarism.
  • Avoiding unacceptable text recycling: As a part of ethical writing, the authors should avoid self-plagiarism, which is basically the recycling of their own previous work. If the writer is using pieces of their previous writing, then they must do proper citations.

Plagiarism Detection for Publishing Companies

For all publication houses and writing services, it is essential to use a plagiarism detection tool to identify the duplicate content. Copyleaks offers quality service to ensure that the content you publish does not have any kind of duplicate content. With our plagiarism checker and editor, it can be done instantly. Our tool works in any format. So, what exactly do you have to do? Here are the steps for you:

  1. Visit your business dashboard and select “Add New.”
  2. Now choose options like scanning files, URLs, or input plain text.
  3. Wait for book plagiarism checker to finish its scanning. Now, you can access similar pieces directly on your dashboard.
  4. You can also compare two documents side by side to see which parts are entirely copied.

Our plagiarism checker for journals offers 100% accuracy. Our article plagiarism checker can be integrated with a range of content management systems, on any website. It can make the entire process hassle-free. We ensure that our tool will help you to get a text, free from duplicate content, easily and instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To check manuscripts for plagiarism, you can scan your content using a plagiarism checker for publishers. They will examine your text and identify the copied parts. For good results, you can use Copyleaks.
You can quickly tell if a research paper is plagiarized. All you need to do is upload the text to the plagiarism checker for publishers, generating the result. You can use Copyleaks for accurate results.
For checking an article for plagiarism, you need to use a plagiarism checker for the journal. The tool will produce a report identifying the duplicate parts. You can use Copyleaks for an accurate and instant check.
Copyleaks plagiarism is 100% accurate. Its advanced technology scans the content thoroughly and generates a detailed report.
Published work means a work made available for public viewing in exchange for money or for free. Though the term published work traditionally is referred to as books, journals that are distributed or sold.
Using Copyleaks, you will be able to check your published work against billions of sources online and easily identify if there are results with similar text. You can download the similarity report to take further action against the plagiarism.

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