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Millions of websites and billions of contents, then how do you know that your website content is plagiarism-free? Find out the originality of your website contents with the help of a website plagiarism checker. Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker designed for sites helps you through the journey of producing absolutely plagiarism free or minimum plagiarism websites. Copyleaks website plagiarism checker requires straightforward steps to integrate with your website and proves to be very functional in combating plagiarism. It hits hard on your website’s SEO rankings when the content turns out to be duplicated and used somewhere else. The search engine is incapable of detecting the original source. Hence, there are high chances of your website traffic to get severely affected. A website plagiarism checker lets you construct entire plagiarism free content by generating a detailed plagiarism report with similarity percentage and word count.

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Compare Two Sites

When you want to compare mainly two websites against each other, simply fill in the sites’ details like the domain names. This is usually done on similar kind of website concepts where there are high chances of encountering plagiarism. Detect the similarities between them and identify copyright infringement with the Copyleaks web plagiarism checker.

Why Use a Plagiarism Checker for Website

When you are writing, you just go with the flow and are least bothered if it is similar to other write-ups. Sometimes, you have read a sentence or a phrase somewhere and have forgotten it, but the words have stayed. You start believing that the terms are your own. That is unintentional plagiarism, but that must be eradicated, too. How do you know that your words, phrases, and ideas are not already in use elsewhere?

Is it possible for you to go through each website content across the web? That is simply Mission Impossible. Of course, in this case, manual evaluation is not at all trustworthy. You need an automation tool that will help you compare your website content with the millions and billions of other online content and check for plagiarism. This will help to retain the integrity of your site and save you from any demoralizing penalty.

The importance of plagiarism-free content is absolutely fathomable when it comes to your SEO rankings. Content duplication simply leads your website to rank low in Google or other search engines and thus primarily affects your website’s organic traffic. This may lead to serious business downfall. Next time you upload content on your site or are simply building up your website, do not forget to utilize a website plagiarism checker to check for plagiarism.

Who benefits from Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker?

Any kind of write up, whether it is website content, academic content, journals, or even a book-to-be-published, a plagiarism detector like that of Copyleaks sorts them all to check for plagiarism. You can be an author of a voluminous book, a website holder for eCommerce purpose, a student undergoing term papers or essays, a blogger writing blogs with a strong response, a journalist writing responsible articles or a freelance writer developing varied categories of writings—whatever writing profession you might be in creating original content is of first and foremost importance. In this case, you cannot afford to deliver content infected with plagiarism, which can have a disastrous effect on your profession or your career in that case. Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker is such a web plagiarism checker that takes all the responsibility to detect and control the plagiarism (if any) in your hard work.

Features of Plagiarism Checker for Website

Improve SEO​

By conducting regular scans through an online plagiarism checker, you become sure of not plagiarizing while creating your own content. Nevertheless, you also get to know if anyone has 'stolen' from your existing content. That helps in improving the SEO rankings of your site. When you have accurate and original content, this will boost your Google and search engine rankings.​

Accurate Results​

Get a focused report of the information you need to know. The report shows the percentage of similarity along with a full list of results that you can compare against your original document. The similarity level is broken down by identical, similar, and paraphrased text to see how similar the text is to your original content. ​

Multiple Languages​

It comes with multi-language capability, which supports more than 100 languages, including the Asiatic characters. You can compare your text in some other language to check for the plagiarism of ideas and concepts.​

Billions of Sources​

A web plagiarism checker's primary importance is that it comes with the feature where it single-handedly searches billions of online pages and databases and compares with your content. It is done on such a large scale. However, it requires very less amount of time and without even bothering you with any technicality. It also comes with an internal database comprising the massive amount of data that is further important for data comparison. ​

Get Detecting

Get a detailed plagiarism report generated by our website plagiarism scanner to find your duplication or similarity percentage along with the word count. The report shows the percentage of similarity along with a full list of results that you can compare against your original document. The similarity level is broken down by identical, similar, and paraphrased text to see how similar the text is to your original content. ​


It takes a straightforward process to integrate your website with our plagiarism detection tool API. You will allow a regular and automated scanning of your web content and keep you updated on the plagiarism detected.​

Use the Copyleaks plagiarism API and multiply the capabilities of the Copyleaks plagiarism checker.

100% Private. Flexible. Scalable. Reliable.

Table of Content

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All you have to do is type the URL. Our plagiarism detector will conduct searches on the web to inform you if any other site is reposting your contents.

According to copyright laws, to check for copyright infringements, you need to check for ‘Substantial similarity’ between the targeted content and its supposed original source. The term ‘Substantial similarity’ is the description of the level of duplication to determine whether an infringement has occurred.

Simply copy and paste your text or your website URL to our website plagiarism checker to compare with other contents available online. This will let you know of any content duplication encountered on your site.

You can disable the right-click option of your website where the copy command is accessible. This way, your website will be protected from being copied and thus entertaining anti-plagiarism.

You can regularly update your website content by making changes with the texts, the audios, or the videos. This is a considerable technique to fight plagiarism and increase your search engine rankings.
Checking your content for accidental traces of plagiarism is the best way to be sure your published website content is original. Before publishing your content you should always check that the content is free of plagiarism and hasn’t been published elsewhere.

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