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As a blogger your first responsibility is to provide your users with unique, engaging content. Whether it’s about the latest summer fashion for moms, new technology for mobile devices, or ecological advances that better our planet every blogger has their own niche they can grow. We’ve decided to share a few tidbits so you can know how to bring and keep new followers to your side of the web!

In order to gain more followers, creating unique content is one of the first ways to attract new audiences . Writing unique content is one of best ways to diversify your followers and improve your SEO analytics.

Not knowing where your new traffic is coming from can cause confusion about how to grow your audience in the first place. Different publications can pick up content you have written and bring traffic from places you were not aware had an interest in your topics. It’s a great place to start digging and learning more. Utilizing Copyleaks as a blogger is one way to find out where your content is being used. We are able to quickly find results for where else content is being distributed.

On the other hand, bloggers many times don’t realize that the unique content they are writing that can get them to the top of Google search results can sometimes be used against them. Competitors can scrape the content and use it to later harm a small blog and get higher on the search pages. It’s important to have a service like Copyleaks in place whenever you are publishing new content so that if another website tries to republish your content as their own, you are notified as soon as it happens, and have the tools to fight it.

Blogging is still a relatively new world and new conversations are being had everyday. It’s important to keep the content you work so hard to create protected with Copyleaks.

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