Plagiarism in Media

The current scenario of publication is gradually changing because of the easy and convenient ways of online publications. Nowadays, any company can aim to produce and publish their content online without much difficulty. To avoid plagiarism, the publication houses or companies can use a plagiarism checker for media companies and for News publication. Copyleaks plagiarism detection tool can help you to avoid plagiarism in journalism by accurately scanning billions of pages and databases to compare the documents and find out the copied content present in work. Our checker runs a thorough check on the webpages, academic journals, private archives, etc. The detection tool helps you to publish original content without being worried about plagiarism.

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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Journalism

The professionalism of a news organization or media company highly depends on its credibility. The ethics of journalism is related to the production of the articles. If the readers find any plagiarized content present in the news articles, their credibility is damaged.

Hence, plagiarism in journalism is strictly prohibited. When journalists are writing articles, they must be careful about having any copied content in their works. If they end up with a plagiarized content that will damage the image of the whole news organization.

If the journalists consider taking information from other news articles, they must make sure that they do not copy and paste the whole thing. They can paraphrase a specific part and change the whole thing without changing the relevant information.

The journalists can commit unintentional plagiarism while producing an article. To avoid copied content writers can use an online plagiarism checker. For an accurate result, they can use the Copyleaks plagiarism checker for publishers.

What Is Considered Plagiarism in Journalism and Media

Plagiarism in journalism is taken seriously as having plagiarized content does not only affect the career of the journalist, it tells upon the overall image of the media house as well. As consequences of plagiarism, the journalists can be fired, and the remark may sabotage their career. They may have to pay monetary compensation.

As plagiarism is now treated as a serious issue, many countries have strict copyright laws. In the case of copyright infringement, there can be legal proceedings against the journalists, and they may get imprisoned.

Identifying the plagiarized parts is very easy using an online plagiarism checker. To stay away from plagiarism, journalists should use plagiarism checkers for media companies. It is always best to produce original content. If quotations are at all given, then proper citations, or should also be mentioned.

Features of Plagiarism Checker for Journalism and Media

Multiple Languages​

You don’t need to be worried about the language. You can scan content written in any language.​

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You can check the hardcopy of your content using our plagiarism detector. You can click a picture and scan it in real-time to find out the plagiarized contents.​

Scan Physical Content​

You can scan your content using our plagiarism checker as it can check your document and generate an accurate and detailed report.​

Various File Formats​

Our system is cloud-based. Hence can access it anytime, anywhere. Using our plagiarism checker for News publication, you can work on your phone, tablet, and computer.​

Comprehensive Results​

You can scan your documents no matter what file format it has. Copyleaks plagiarism checker for media companies supports different file formats.​


You can easily sync your blog with our API so that you can opt for a regular scan of your blog posts.​

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Who can use it to detect plagiarized work?

Digital news for media companies are a crucial tool to make a prominent online presence and reach their readers. Copyleaks plagiarism checker helps you to concentrate on your article. It allows you to keep your search results at the top, and this helps you reach the readers or followers you want to interact with. For establishing the credibility of the news, it is essential to have unique content. Producing and monitoring the distribution of your content is also essential. Our plagiarism checker for new publications helps you scan your document to provide your readers with the articles with original content.

What are the types of journalism

The different types of journalism are:

  • Investigative Journalism: It’s the most complex arena of journalism, where the journalist takes the responsibility of uncovering the truth and making the breaking news for the media house. An investigative can take even months to come up with their final copy of news.
  • Political Journalism: News covering international, national, and even local political news is known as political journalism.
  • Crime Journalism: Crime conducted against the legal code of conduct of a state, be it a murder or a scam in the stock market, all come under the scanner of a crime journalist.
  • Business Journalism: News related to big mergers, stakeholders, and stock markets are essential for the economy. It affects each individual either directly or indirectly. Hence, business journalists provide their audience with this news.

While these are severe beats of journalism, news organizations also require something very soft and is a bit relaxing for the audience. In short not-very-serious journalism. In this category, there are the following types of news:

  • Lifestyle journalism: It covers a vast arena starting from entertainment to cooking to home decor to even gardening, fashion, and yoga, everything that speaks about a unique kind of lifestyle is called lifestyle journalism.
  • Sports Journalism: Information related to all forms of sports, interviews of the players, latest updates about different matches and leagues, all come under this particular kind.
  • Art Journalism: Things happening in music, literature, film, painting, dance, drama, poetry, and others come under one umbrella, named Arts Journalism.
  • Education Journalism Development taking place in the field of education reaches the overall mass because of education journalism.

Why is Copyleaks the best plagiarism checker for Journalists?

Copyleaks plagiarism checker is an API based software that easily integrates with your blog. It can scan your content and make sure that your article has unique content. You can rely on our Plagiarism checker for media companies to stay away from plagiarism. We can help you to retain good traffic to your website or blog. You can compare your news articles against other online content. Our plagiarism checker will produce a detailed result while identifying similar parts. The report will have the plagiarism percentage, several words, highlighted passages, etc. so that you can quickly check and do away with the plagiarized content.

How is plagiarism used in journalism?

The different types of journalism are:

  • Writing plagiarism: If a writer copies and pastes parts or a previously published article or words from another writer and passes it off as their own, then it will be plagiarized content.
  • Information plagiarism: Nf a writer uses information collected by other reporters who have used their sources to do it, and don’t credit them for the information, then it will be an instance of plagiarism.
  • Idea Plagiarism CWhen a journalist uses the idea or theory proposed by any other journalist, theorist, or writer without giving credit, the content gets considered as copied or plagiarized content.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In journalism, plagiarism can be of different formats. Writing plagiarism: If a writer copies and pastes parts or a previously published article or words from another writer and passes it off as their own. Information plagiarism: If a writer uses information collected by other reporters who have used their sources to do it, and don’t credit them for the information. Idea Plagiarism: When a journalist uses the idea or theory proposed by any writer without giving credit.
It is best to use it from the original site and then give proper credit to the source to avoid multimedia plagiarism. If you are taking it from any website, then you need to mention the URL of the webpage in your citation. Another effective way to avoid plagiarism is to use the Copyleaks plagiarism detection tool that can help to detect plagiarism. It helps both journalists, and the editors, at the same time.
The definition of plagiarism suggests that it is intellectual theft. If someone steals another person’s idea, it is still the stealing of intellectual property. Using other person’s ideas and passing them off under your name is also plagiarism, even if you do not use their words. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to credit the person for the idea or theory.

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