Why Students Need to Check for Plagiarism in Their Writing Projects

Quality academic writing is all about creating highly compelling, well-structured, and plagiarism-free papers that meet the expectations of educators. Whereas the internet has enabled students to access information and conduct research, it has also made it possible to plagiarize their work. eLearning facilitators and online instructors are using plagiarism checkers to ensure that the content […]

What Are the Consequences of Plagiarism in College Applications?

Most students dream of joining a good college, and of course, it is their top priority. They are busy filling out applications, writing essays, and a statement of purpose, which can help them set themselves apart from tons of university applications. In this effort, several students try to cheat by copying content from the Internet, […]

LMS Comparison: Schoology vs. Canvas vs. Blackboard

The LMS software has been there since the 1990s. It helps bridge the training and learning gap and utilizes analytical data at the same time. Types Of LMS Platform LMS Platform Description Canvas Both the educators and students use the best LMS platform and endeavor to make learning and teaching faster. It offers a healthy […]

Originality Checking: Why Is It Important?

Often students pass their thesis through a plagiarism checker. Even if they do not, universities should opt for originality checking to ensure a good evaluation process. While writing a journal article, errors are evident. Some quote without attribution which is considered plagiarism. Therefore proper citation is essential to avoid plagiarism. Why Is Originality Checking So […]

How to Avoid Plagiarism in a News Article?

News plagiarism is quite akin to incidents of duplication anywhere else. Three types of plagiarism take place in journalism, those are: Plagiarizing Information: In this plagiarism type, anews article uses information from other reporters without acknowledging them or the publications. Plagiarizing Ideas: In this second type, the reporter uses the ideas of another reporter in […]

Character Replacement and Plagiarism Detection to Benefit Students

The Character Replacement processor helps replace individual characters. It enables the standardization of characters to match a Reference Data map. Inconsistent characters like a variant on symbols, closed and open quotes, and accented letters can cover otherwise similar data. Website developers can use a Character Replacement processor and replace all such instances of the character […]

What Types of Papers Can You Expect in College?

Topic-based essay writings provide students with enough topics under each essay category. Essays can be deeply personal that focuses on introspection/retrospection that expresses the perspective of the narrator. They can also be highly logical and formal, like an argumentative essay. As a student, it is best to know about types of essays. It helps to […]

What is the Process of Checking a Research Paper for Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is illegal, and so students must check research papers for plagiarism. Technological inventions have made it possible to write academic writing utterly free of plagiarism. One must have a general view regarding plagiarism and its repercussions. Plagiarism ruins academic integrity. The accused are penalized with incriminating evidence such as a fine, rejection of a […]

Plagiarism Checker for Website: Understanding How Detection Takes Place?

Website plagiarism is commonly inferred as “content scraping.” It is copying and pasting content that includes text or images from other sources without giving credit or using proper citation. A text resemblance below 15% is plausible in the website content. However, the sameness of >25% is deemed as a high rate of plagiarism. 0% of […]