Can Rewording Create Unique Content?

Unique content is a term relating to search engine optimization (SEO). Unique content reveals the originality of the content and boosts up the search ranks. The search algorithms rate highly varies due to unique content. Even the websites get a position based on the search engine ranking pages. Hence, the significance of the rewording increases massively in the current scenario.

Create Unique Content

One needs to create unique content while writing an academic and research paper, blogs, articles, and more. For a content writer, it is essential to create unique content. An impressive structure and a unique style help the writer to make their contents plagiarism-free.

Why Is Unique Content Essential?

Unique content is essential for the following reasons:

  • Unique contents help to elevate the ranking position on the results of the search engine.
  • Moreover, the consistency and high quality of unique writings have a significant impact on the audience.
  • Even unique content increases the followers of social media as well. The audience always has a craze of the original text. Thus creating unique content drags quite a several followers.
  • Quality content encourages strengthening the trust of the audience. The only way to trigger out the audience is to create unique content. The audience mainly looks for exclusive content. The fact that the traffic quality of the content. 
  • Besides, the original text has the power to higher the rank in the search engine. It is essential for content marketing, as well.

In today’s time, Google is the god of all kinds of information. So the writer requires taking help from Google as well. Therefore, to create unique content and avoid copying and pasting, the writer needs to use the best reworder.

What Is Rewording?

In simple form, rewording means using synonyms, where the writer uses different words or phrases with the same meaning to make the content more beautiful. While paraphrasing also rewording plays a vital role. Even when a writer wants to take help from any articles, there is a necessity of rewriting.

In this case, the rewording tool analyzes the word or phrase and even sentences. The tool then finds out the matching words for the same, creating unique and quality content. The tool consists of numerous synonyms that help to create unique and more appealing content. Moreover, this tool assists in replacing the word with the same meaning, promoting outstanding work.

The rewording tools are handy for business people, students, and bloggers, and others. The tool is highly beneficial for rephrasing the word or phrase which is used in the content. 

Disadvantages of a Reworder

Along with some advantages, the rewording tools support a few disadvantages as well. Those are the following:

  • Before using the rewording tool, the writer needs to search the information first based on the topics, which is very time-consuming.
  • Sometimes, the level of accuracy is not worthy enough while replacing the words. Often this creates the work meaningless and plagiarism as well. An AI-based and Machine Learning supported plagiarism checking platform, like Copyleaks, can quickly identify the pointless or poor rewording.
  • The use of the rewording tool requires the writer to do proofreading to avoid any error. It is challenging and time-consuming, as well.
Proof Reading
  • Sometimes, the use of this tool makes the text very simple. The content loses the beauty of languages as well. Moreover, it concludes to be oversimplified.
  • In some cases, there is a possibility of strange output. The glory of the text fades away when one uses the tool. Moreover, the expression of the text changes as well.
  • The tool has a limited source of references also. It becomes impossible to translate any medical, historical, philosophical, political terms.
  • Most importantly, this tool tends to change the original text’s meaning, making things difficult for the writers.

Paraphrasing as an Option (When Done Right)

Is paraphrasing all bad? If a writer has understood the subject and has incorporated their interpretation with proper acknowledgment to the source creator. It is not always possible for the writers to come up with new and unique ideas and concepts.

So, taking help from someone else’s work is not wrong, but that does not mean the writer will go through any hard work and produce something with the help of a reworder.

If writers read a piece and then, with their intellect and knowledge, paraphrase it, of course, it is not wrong in their word with proper accreditation. Instead, it is quite acceptable.

How Can Paraphrasing Be Done in the Right Way?

After reading a passage, if a writer believes that the passage can be paraphrased and used, that can be done without plagiarizing. First of all, the writer has to paraphrase the key points. It will be better if the writer moves away from that piece and read other books and materials.

A few times, when the writer returns to the same piece, they have new theories and fresh concepts. Now they do not paraphrase it just like that. Instead, the writer puts their inputs in their words.

The next step is to go back to the original text and cite the original text’s author(s). In this way, the writer can paraphrase without plagiarizing.

Final and Key Takeaways

Since there is a risk of plagiarism after using the rewording tool, the content needs to process through a plagiarism checker at least once before submission. Even rewording the article triggers many grammatical errors.

Plagiarism check reduces plagiarism in the text. The writer requires processing the blog post or academic papers through a plagiarism scanner to avoid duplicate content issues—a tip for rewording sentences while paraphrasing, and one should never forget that.

As for a checker, Copyleaks is best in the industry as with its sophisticated technology. It does not just detect the exact copied words but also the words having related meaning, paraphrased, or reword sentences. If the rewording has not been done correctly, people will not read it, and ensure such a thing does not happen.

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