New Features at Copyleaks

We are excited to share some of the new and exciting features that we’ve recently launched here at Copyleaks!

Multi-Tenant Server Option

With the launch of our new multi-tenant server, we can now meet the demand for new data centers across the globe. To learn more, please write to us at [email protected]


API User Update

API users can now hide the “Paraphrased” similarity level from their reports when you don’t select the level within the request. For more API updates, you can see the release notes here.

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We’ve made our website and reports even more accessible for everyone. To learn more about the updates, you can visit our Accessibility page.

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Export Multiple Reports

It’s now easier than ever to export multiple reports from the My Scans area. Select the reports you want to export, then simply download them to a Zip file. 


Copyleaks Identity

You can now manage your security settings, billing, teams, and repositories in one place.

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Teams & Repositories

Collaboration is now more accessible than ever. You can manage users and documents, view analytics, and set user permissions.

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Make sure to check out these new features by logging in to your account.