SiteCompair™, Website Compare - Automatically Compare Website Pages Against One Another!

SiteCompair™ website comparison uses AI + Machine Learning to scan two websites for any possible content duplication and copyright infringement incidents.

What is SiteCompair™?

SiteCompair™ from Copyleaks is a web-based software platform that allows you to quickly and easily compare the text content from two websites, discover any instances of copyright and trademark infringement claims, and receive a full list of results.

Audit the content from two websites including all of the web pages without any limit and uncover duplicate or near-duplicate content from your website and yours or your clients ’competitors’. SiteCompair™ lets you see a comprehensive breakdown of any content that others may be stealing.

How does it work?

Submit the two website domains/URLs.

Receive customized quotation and an estimated time to process your order.

The comparison results will be delivered within 2-5 days.

Get access to a full breakdown of results.

What data will you have after the comparison?

Your result folder contains:

  • Summary sheet
  • Comparative report with detailed results
  • Downloadable files that can serve as proof for further action

Our results often serve as demonstrable evidence for:

  • Trademark infringement and unfair competition claims
  • SEO related content theft
  • Copyright Infringement Cases
  • DMCA Takedown
*It is important to note that SiteCompair™ can only crawl publicly available web pages. Crawling private websites, databases, and repositories may be possible at an additional cost. Your sales representative will be able to help with this request.

What does SiteCompair™ offer?

Compare and contrast possible content similarities and duplication between two websites (including idental, similar, and paraphrased text).

Provides a detailed comparison report—precisely pinpointing the duplicate content and the percentage of similarity.

Customized + Upfront pricing and expert customer support for any questions about the results.

Ready to compare your websites?

Get a full side-by-side comparison of two website pages to help your business!

Starting at $499

See what our customers are saying about SiteCompair™

Editor @ThePrint

“We at ThePrint have used Copyleaks for only a few weeks so far, and it has already become crucial to our editorial processes. The customizations you can use to check an article give you a wide range of tools with just a click. It’s fast, efficient, and its plagiarism checkers is one of the best. This is central to any editing and fact-checking function of digital newsrooms today.”

SEO Manager @Holidu

“Thanks to Copyleaks our international team can rapidly assess the quality of the work of our copywriters and speed up our review processes; also, the feature to check content via Sitemap saved us hours of precious time to check for plagiarism and act accordingly to improve the quality of our content efforts. Highly recommended for startups and big companies alike.”

Clay Patterson
Owner @Digital Space

We use SEMrush, which will give us duplicate content issues within a single site, but I do not run into many situations where we think the content has been copied and pasted. We are an agency, so we deal with a lot of websites. We needed content checked because a client had two websites, and they were not sure if their websites are similar. Copyleaks helped us to solve the issue!

Compare Two Sites

The rank of your websites depends hugely on fresh and original content. Doubts regarding similar content are easy to remove with our innovative comparison tool, SiteCompair™. At Copyleaks, we have prepared the best site comparison software that suitably scans web pages to find every bit of similar content.

Compare Two Websites against One Another

You need to ensure that your website content remains unique. With copyright infringement cases on the rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to scan the internet for unauthorized content copying manually. Many sites deal with the same services/topics in the competitive arena, leading to further similar content problems. If you have multiple websites, you might accidentally copy content from one site to another.

All these problems are challenging to detect but can hurt the popularity of your website. To ensure that you have complete knowledge about the use of your content in your sites and other third-party websites, we have developed SiteCompair™, the sitemap comparison tool from Copyleaks.

The SiteCompair™ comparison tool allows you to select the sites that you want to compare simply. With SiteCompair™, you will get a detailed result of the two websites you have given us to compare. All the web pages are scanned thoroughly by our efficient system. You can see the similarity report within the sitemap. We make sure that the report is easy to comprehend.

Our tool gives you the ultimate power to detect and fix all duplicate content problems. With our application, you can do more work in less time. Our automatic scanning takes very less time and gives you reliable results that you can use to fix the website content.

The actions that are easily carried out by the SiteCompair™ comparison tool are:

  • Check your websites for duplicate content. It highlights the words, sentences, and paragraphs that have been copied.
  • Shows the recurrence of a post on multiple and unrelated web pages of your website.
  • Helps in detecting scraped content.
  • Aids in finding content that you have syndicated.

With our results, you can take strict measures against people who have infringed on your content. You can alert Google regarding websites that have copied your content without any permission so that Google doesn’t penalize your site for duplicate content.

You can also observe if the content that you have syndicated has a back-link to your website. You don’t want your site’s traffic to get diluted due to syndicated content. Our tool can help you in every possible way to check for content similarities between sites. If you feel that a website has copied your content, you can simply compare your website with that site by using our tool.

Why to Compare Two Web Pages

You have a website that you want to popularize in the virtual field. To ensure that the website’s content is effectively optimized for Google rankings, you need to check the content that is used on your site thoroughly. The webpages of your site require a thorough evaluation to remove duplicate content.

Our text comparison tool has an in-built plagiarism checker that shows you the text that has been copied in multiple places on your website. If you are wondering about the necessity of comparing your sites with a website content checker, examine the following points:

Deal with duplicate content: As a website owner, you understand the need for SEO content. Websites can have internal duplicate content. Content scrapers can use your website content illegally. Search engines prefer original content. The definite similarity between the content of two websites can make one website a duplicate of the other. You have to spin content appropriately to avoid similarity. With the compare two websites application, you can find similarities easily and optimize the content to remove copied content or use the canonical tag to pinpoint the master copy of the content.

  • Organize blog posts: Blog posts are often republished by the blogger or by other sites that syndicate content. As an active blogger, you need to keep track of your posts. Republished posts need to have the canonical tag so that Google Bot finds the source of the article while crawling the site. SiteCompair™, Our plagiarism checker for two sites is the best compare site tool that you can have for finding similarities in your blog posts.
  • Find syndicated content: You often syndicate your content to third party websites to gain more viewers. It is a popular practice to increase the reach of your posts. But the SERP might not be favorable for your suite because Google might feature the sites that syndicate your content. Our page comparison site has full information that will help you to find and appropriately tag syndicated content.
  • Flawless content management: You need to ensure that the specific content on your website appears in the correct places. Manually checking this is cumbersome. Our compare two websites tool is there to help you in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The compare tool compares web pages to detect similar content in the website content/webpage content. People having more than one website can use this application to check for similarities between their sites.
Web comparison is a text comparison tool that helps to find duplicate content in internal or external web pages. When you log in to the Copyleaks Web comparison tool, you can compare two texts side-by-side. Whether you or the writer paraphrase content poorly or copy from another text, our tool will show that to you.
By comparing things with a page comparison site, it becomes easy to separate original content from similar content. Fixing similar content issues ensures a higher search engine rank.

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